Doctorate in Double-Knitting weekend workshop

A full weekend of double-knitting. We'll start with two-color reversible stockinette. It makes great blankets and scarves. And you can work all sorts of pretty patterns in two colors without worrying about catching floats or having limitations on how many stitches of the same color can be in a row. We will cover shaping in double-knitting — how to increase, how to decrease. We'll look at multiple ways to cast-on or bind-off, depending on the effect you like (plain? candy-striped?).

After we've learned the rules, we'll break them so we can make reversible knit-purl patterns including reversible corrugated ribbing. We'll make letters read in both directions, so you can add a baby's name to a double-knit blanket.

Then we'll explore the less well-known territory of monochromatic double-knitting. We'll discover how double-knitting can be used to make tubes on only two needles! We'll look at monochromatic knit-purl patterns and cables.

Finally, we'll wrap up with some other reversible techniques so you know when to double-knit. If all you are trying to do is make both sides good, weigh your options!

Skill level is intermediate.
Prerequisite: must know how to work 1×1 ribbing, how to shape fabric by increasing and decreasing, and how to cable

Maximum 20 students.

weekend-long workshop

Students receive multiple handouts in booklet form.

No materials fee.

No homework.

class yarn (smooth, non-splitting, light or bright or medium color) in at least two contrasting colors
needles in a range of sizes both larger and smaller than what you typically use for working this yarn
double-pointed needles
at least two cable needles or non-slippery double-pointed needles
blunt tapestry needle
stitch markers possibly helpful but optional
magnetic chart board or highlighter tape, possibly helpful but optional
typical knitting notions

No special needs for the room set up. A whiteboard or flip chart is nice to have but not need to have. Room set-up should be tables and chairs either facing forward or in a U-shape.

This class overlaps with several workshops including "Seeing Double Knitting," "Practical Double Knitting," "Daring Double Cables," "One Color, Two Sides," and "Easy Reversible Cables."
This class has been taught at
Southeast Fiber Forum 2015, Gatlinburg TN.

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