Italian Perfection mini class

It seems two-color brioche is having a moment. And there’s always the allure of perfectly-edged double knitting. Or what about 1×1 ribbing that stretches even at the edge for top-down socks or brim-up hats? The Italian cast-on is perfect for all of these applications.

Skill level is intermediate.
Prerequisite: None, per se. This cast-on is a cousin of Judy’s magic cast-on, Elizabeth Zimmermann’s invisible cast-on (the auxiliary wool cast-on), and Cat Bordhi’s möbius cast-on. While you do not need to know any of them, knowledge of at least one is advantageous.

Maximum 20 students.

mini workshop

Students receive a handout in booklet form.

No materials fee.

No homework.

class yarn (smooth, non-splitting, light or bright or medium color) in two colors
needles to work that yarn

No special needs for the room set up. A whiteboard or flip chart is nice to have but not need to have. Room set-up should be tables and chairs either facing forward or in a U-shape.

This cast-on is also taught in Introduction to Reversible Lace and the all-day Reversible Lace workshop. Reversible lace has been taught at:
The Whole Nine Yarns, Woodstock GA;
Spring Fling 2016, Atlanta GA;
Yarn and Y'all, May 2016, Greenville SC;
Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair 2017, Fletcher NC;
Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair 2019, Fletcher NC.

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