Stunt Knitting Safety Lines class

You've seen the stunt knitters' projects — grafting 500 stitches in pattern, hidden cast-ons, smooth pick-ups, perfect seams. It is time to learn their sneaky tricks. No, they aren't smarter than you. And they haven't been knitting for 50 years. They know how to use waste yarn to hold stitches, provisionally cast-on, make openings, or set-up guidelines for grafting and seaming and picking up along a selvedge. Now, you can know these secrets, too!

Skill level is intermediate.
Prerequisite: Students should already understand the basic architecture of a knitted stitch.

Maximum 20 students.

½ day workshop

Students receive a handout in booklet form.

No materials fee.

Using contrast waste yarn, cast on 20 stitches.

Work 4 rows stockinette.

RS: Work a right-side row using a second slippery contrasting waste yarn.

WS: Join class yarn (smooth, non-splitting, light or bright or medium color).

Work one inch in stockinette.

Do not cut yarn. Leave work on needles.

homework swatch still on the needles
class yarn (smooth, non-splitting, light or bright or medium color)
needles for working that yarn
small-size non-slippery double-pointed needles
circular needles or interchangeable needle cables
assorted waste yarn (slippery mercerized cotton is good)
blunt tapestry needle

No special needs for the room set up. A whiteboard or flip chart is nice to have but not need to have. I have a projector if the facilities can accommodate it. Room set-up should be tables and chairs either facing forward or in a U-shape.

This class has been taught at
Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair 2015, Fletcher NC;
South Carolina Knit Inn 2020, Greenville SC.

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