23 April 2008


Since I posted a picture of my house in winter, I thought I'd post another of it in springtime. This picture was taken a couple weeks ago on 8 April, so today that pink dogwood in front is a lot more green and a lot less pink.

Springtime is my favorite time of year in Atlanta. It creeps in around early March, although I've seen crocus or hardy daffodiles in bloom here in late February. In mid-March there's a week of bradford pear whiteness. Then the cherry trees bloom for about ten days. Azaleas run about three or four weeks, as varieties bloom at different times. Dogwoods also last much of April. In my neighborhood this week, I've seen tulips and iris. And I took a hike around Kennesaw Mountain last Friday and saw several different types of wildflowers. I do not, however, know the names of any of the stuff I saw. Today's high was around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so we are at the beginning of the warm weather. As we head into May, summer will take hold. More about that when the time is right -- and we're out cooking steak and eggs on the sidewalks.

Note to photographers and art geeks -- that line of young pine trees on the right creates a bit of forced perspective. The tree closest to the viewer really is taller than the ones closer to the house.

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AmyDe said...

You're making me laugh because you are SO right! J are you on ravelry? How do I find you there.