25 June 2008

Assembling Your Maddison Chair: open the box

I'm posting this out of pity for any other consumers who had to try to read those directions.This first photo is all the stuff that comes in the box. I've laid it all out on a blue fleece blanket so that I don't scratch the chair or my hardwood floor. You can see two chair arms in the upper left and two crossbeams next to them, legs to the lower left, a seat in the center and a chair back to the upper right. The lower right is all the fasteners and the two allen wrenches that came in the box. I also used a good screwdriver.
The fasteners in the upper left with the odd circular parts are used to join arms to legs. The ones in the lower right with the odd cylindrical parts are used to join the crossbars to the legs. The set of four shorter bolts (upper right) attach the seat to the legs. The two longer bolts (lower left) attach the arm to the chair back.

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