28 June 2008

Assembling Your Maddison Chair: crossbars

The directions suggest adding the crossbars after the chair is assembled. I tried that, and it didn't work for me. I recommend adding the crossbars to one of the assembled armrest-legs combos. On the inside of the leg, you'll see two small holes close together. One hole goes all the way through the leg. The other hole only goes partway through. This pair is where the crossbeam attaches.

I've included two views of setting the crossbeam into the leg, depending on whether the leg is held perpendicular to the floor or is lying flat on the floor. In either case, you'll see that there is an opening in the bottom of the crossbeam. So, you'll need to turn the armrest-legs piece at least partly upside-down.

The fastener you'll use is the long bolt with the odd little cylinder. The bolt is inserted from the outside of the leg, through the leg, and into the crossbar. That little cylinder drops into the hole in the bottom of the crossbar. Before you drop the cylinder into the hole, do notice that one end is smooth and one end has a divot that will accommodate the allen wrench. Make sure the divot is facing up where you can get at it. Using the allen wrench, you can rotate the cylinder in the hole until you feel the teeth of the bolt fit and grab it.

There are two crossbeams -- one for the front legs and one for the back legs. Attach each crossbeam to one of the armrest-legs combos. You'll have this:
This photograph looks a bit odd because I've rotated the image 180 degrees so that the armrest is at top.
One last note: one of the two crossbeams will have the nameplate on it.
You'll need to decide which direction to make it face. The crossbars are symmetrical, so it doesn't matter which one is front or back, nor does it matter which side faces outward and which faces underneath the chair.

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