24 June 2008

A Failure to Communicate

During the Memorial Day weekend, the Cuddly Hubby & I went shopping for furniture for the screen porch. We purchased a very nice expandable table and six chairs. They were supposed to be delivered on 20 June, the date of the Mensa game night. The salesman seems to have had trouble with the concept. I had to call three times to finally get him and find out that, no, the furniture was not going to be delivered on Friday after all and would 2 July be okay? Um, no. The compromise was that I could pick up the furniture. I borrowed "Old Bessie" from Buckley. She's a 20-year-old Chevy S10 with only 75,000 miles and only essential components work. But, hey, you can fit a four-foot by six-foot table in the bed because the truck bed is about four-feet one-inch by six-feet one-inch. The salesman forgot to call me Friday as soon as the furniture arrived. And I showed up at 3 o'clock anyway because I was told my furniture would be there by then, so at least the salesman got that part correct. But he also failed to understand my statement that I would be by myself and would need help loading. Fortunately, the furniture store had a younger female salesperson who understood the situation and helped me load the table and chairs. I'm sure there's some snarky comment to be made about two women loading all this heavy furniture by themselves.

So, I got the stuff home before 5 PM. Two hours until party time. All I had to do was unload and assemble.

The furniture was manufactured in Vietnam. These are the directions for assembling a chair:

They are badly translated and misspelled. Even the illustrations are not fully helpful.

It took me over an hour to figure out how to put the first chair together. I put two together, and by that time enough people had arrived for the party that I had to give up. Actually, the first party goers arrived before the first chair was fully assembled. Later in the evening, we ran out of chairs and Jason graciously helped me assemble a third. I assembled the table the next day, which was not all that difficult after doing a chair. And I finished the remaining three chairs, so we did at least have decent seating for the tea party knit-in on Sunday.

How to assemble a Maddison chair.

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