15 June 2008

Getting and taking another day

For those of you dropping in to check on Copernicus, he is still here. He and my husband sat on the couch today and watched American Dreamz and part of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. On Friday, I bought five cans of assorted cat food from the veterinarian. Sophia was being picky, and I hoped to keep her happy in the middle of everything. Copernicus has eaten at least some of her food. He woke me up this morning about 7 AM because he was hungry. And all the food I had left out last night was gone. Of course, I don't know which cat ate what. But at least Copernicus is up and around. I don't think he is eating enough to gain back the weight he lost, so it really is an uphill battle. But at this moment, he has not yet lost the war.

As for me, I'm busy doing battle with the mahogany African bar. I am in the middle of refinishing it. It must be done before Friday, because we have a Mensa game night here on Friday and an Atlanta Knitting Guild new member knit-in on Sunday. I do expect to post some pictures and comments later. So, for now, I'm spending my days out in the heat on the back screen porch with my favorite tool, the Makita quarter-sheet finishing sander. And I'm watching to see that Copernicus is making regular trips from the hidey-hole to the food bowl.

Someday I'm going to get back to that grey alpaca blanket. Really. I will. Just not this week.

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