25 September 2008

Glee! I found some!

I haven't put gas in the zippy sippy in over a week. Partly I didn't need it, and partly I did not wish to be any part of the feeding frenzy that is happening here. I truly thought it would blow over by now. I was wrong. Tonight I knew the tank was getting low. And I want to go to JapanFest on Saturday, which is over in Gwinnett County. And I want to go game with friends in Dacula on Sunday -- that's almost exactly 100 miles round trip from my house to theirs. So I knew I was going to need gas tonight or tomorrow.

My drive home from the shop in Woodstock involves cutting across Cobb County. Now, Woodstock has been out of gas for most of this crisis, but the city itself is only about a mile off I-575. I figured that as I got away from the interstate, I'd find gas. In fact, my plan was to just drive to the place where Cuddly Hubby and I always fill up. I couldn't help but notice on my drive home as I passed several gas stations, and they were all empty. Even the off-brand one on the back road was empty. I decided that rather than waste two miles' worth of driving which I might need if I ended up on fumes, I'd just go home and look tomorrow. As I came up to the intersection where I would need to make the right turn to head towards the service station, the tanker (with the appropriate brand insignia) was headed right to left across my path -- i.e. away from having just made a delivery! I had just enough space to guide the zippy sippy nimbly into the right lane and make the turn. In the one mile to the service station, I saw two cars in the opposite lanes execute u-turns. Yes!

The service station was busy, but having a little car means you can scoot to an inner pump. I didn't have to wait long. And the price was under $4 a gallon for regular unleaded. Rarely have I been so happy to have my 8.678 gallons / $34.53 worth. I am increasingly in favor of gas rationing. I don't care a whole lot about the price. As long as there is some, I'm good. And I spoke to one of my friends today who owns a diesel Volkswagen Golf. Boy, is he a happy camper. Great mileage and he only fills up every-other week. Here's hoping this frenzy is over soon.

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