04 November 2008

Election Day

I cannot stress enough what a fabulously gorgeous fall day it is here in the Metro Atlanta area. We have some beautiful autumn color and the temperatures are in the low 60s this morning. I just voted at my poll, Mableton 03 at Thompson Park. I rode my bicycle over and back, as I anticipated parking might be tight. I got to my polling place about 9:30 AM and was done voting about 9:45 AM. The poll was set up to double-check voters at the door. One poll worker would ask if you had voted here before. If yes, off you went to the check-in line. If not, there was a station where another poll worker could check to make sure you were in the right place. There was a short wait between receiving the voter access card and getting to a voting machine. I'd say that Mableton 03 could have stood to have maybe one or two more machines, but I already know that every voting machine owned by Cobb County is in use today. Early voting here was about 35% from what I understand. All in all, a very smooth process.

Now I gotta go add my "I voted" sticker to my bumper sticker.

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