17 November 2008

Our house in autumn

I have two pictures for this post. And I must say, autumn has been lovely this year in the ATL. We had surprisingly colorful autumn last year too, surprising because the drought had many people thinking that the leaves would go straight to brown. Anyway, the first picture was taken on Election Day, 4 November 2008.
As you can see, the dogwood by the front steps has color, but the oaks out back are still very green.

The second picture was taken not quite a fortnight later, on the 16th of November.
At this point the dogwood is empty, but the oaks out back had begun to turn, and there is a tree on the right that is a lovely golden color that looks particularly good with the blue-grey of the house.

So there it is, we have my house in all four seasons. Proof that we do have seasons in Georgia.

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