31 December 2010

Only 1000 days behind

More than three years ago, I started this blog because I knew I wanted to break into knitting designing and teaching. I saw that most people who published had a blog or a website, so I thought I'd better start a blog.

In those 1000+ days, the blog has given me a chance to practice pattern writing. And it has given me a place to share new ideas. It has forced me to learn how to use certain types of software. And it has forced me to learn at least a little something about shooting digital pictures and video.

Today I finally sent a submission to Knitty. I'm only 1000 days behind schedule.

To all my knitting friends out there, thank you for being so supportive in my creative endeavors. I wish you all a happy, prosperous, and knitterly new year!

25 December 2010

Rare Week

It has been a rare week indeed. On Monday night, we had a lunar eclipse that coincided with the winter equinox. This happy coincidence occurred most recently more than 450 years ago.

This evening, it is snowing in Atlanta. My understanding is that the last white Christmas in Atlanta was in the 19th century. The photograph is a nearly current view out my studio windows.

On this sacred day, it pleases me to think happy thoughts of those I love. Some are past, some are present, some are future, and some never were.

The Cuddly Hubby reading a book or running a D&D game.
The Yarn Pimp spinning or knitting with a cat or two close by.
The Bard eating a gourmet meal somewhere in France.
Carole decking her halls.
Ginny hosting Thanksgiving.
Andy playing a game.
Elalyr & Tegyrius' wedding.
Dana & John's pirate wedding.
Vincent eating tuna.
Brûlée pouncing on the feather toy.
My grandmother sewing something beautiful.
My other grandmother cooking something wonderful.
My sister singing so beautifully it moves the audience to tears.
My brother and dad flying together.
My mother making a new discovery.
My brother-in-law cooking an Italian feast worthy of the Pope.
The Extrovert leading.
The Introvert playing Bakugan.
The Princess doing anything confidently.
The Thespian shooting a movie or discussing his artistic passions.
The Architect dah'ling hearing the "Ooos" and "Ahhhs."
The Dear Friend flying model airplanes with his dad.
Scenter knitting lace or deciphering the math of the universe.
Sophia devouring kitchen plunder.
Copernicus lording.

To all my dear readers out there, however you celebrate the waning days of the year, may they be sacred and special amongst those you love.

21 December 2010


There are some days when you just can't put a value on the networking on Ravelry.

I've been knitting madly on a pink shawl during the last week. By about Friday, I could see that maybe I was going to be just a wee bit short on the yarn. When I cast off on Monday morning, I came up short. My usual approach is to go find other people who have finished a project with the same yarn. In this case not so much luck, as they are in Italy, France, and Finland. But I did find someone in Ohio who had started a project with it. And I am figuring she'll still be able to finish hers, as I'm only needing about half a gram of yarn out of the 100 grams she has.

And it is nice to be able to talk to knitters about this, as these are the sorts of people who understand. Thank goodness this particular shawl needs to be done before the new year but not necessarily before Christmas.

My rescuer has a very crafty and creative blog and an Etsy shop called Maiden Jane. Her blog is full of a variety of interesting crafting ideas, some of which you could use right now to knock out those last second Christmas gifts. In her shop, Maiden Jane makes and sells lovely project bags made from taffeta, so they are light and strong and pretty!

Here's a small stash bag, perfect for a small project.

But I also think her mitten bags are innovative, as you can store the damp mittens hanging up and they will dry out. And with both mittens together, you are more likely to find the pair during the next snowball fight opportunity. And the doorway clutter stays under control.

Many thanks, Jane! And happy holidays!

13 December 2010

Cold Day

Some places have snow days. Today isn't a snow day here, but it is a cold day. The temperature in Mableton right now is below freezing. This is in the middle of a sunny afternoon. A typical mid-winter day in Atlanta involves dipping just below freezing overnight but climbing into the mid-40s Fahrenheit during the day. I have no idea how much snow removal equipment is owned by Cobb County, but I've heard tell that the city of Atlanta has a -- yes, one single -- snow plow. I'm sure it is meant only for emergencies.

Cuddly Hubby advised me to stay indoors today, and I've taken his advice. The house needed a good cleaning, and all the moving about kept me warmer. I put five Christmas CDs in the player, lit some frankincense and myrrh incense, dug out the wrapping paper, and went to work on wrapping the gifts for the nephews and niece. And now I'm here, at the computer, with a nice cup of hot chocolate to keep me company. Even the cats are hiding someplace warm. (I think Brûlée is upstairs on the master bed. Not sure where Vincent is, as he is usually sprawled across the computer if I'm trying to type.)

I have been knitting. Last week I finished what is probably one of my most beautiful finished objects to date. I don't think I realized how beautiful it was until I thought about how many people admired it while it was a work in progress and since it has been finished. As this one is probably good enough for prime time, I'll regretfully keep it off the blog and off Ravelry for the present. However, if you would like to see the white scarf with double-knit cables, it is on display at The Whole Nine Yarns. Alas, since it is in the shop, I'm not currently curling up in its confection-light warmth. It took five skeins of Rowan Kid Silk Haze. The little 3g ball is all that's left. I will try to remember to bring the scarf to show and tell at both the December NGKG meeting this week and the January AKG meeting. If you would like to knit it yourself, I'll be teaching the class on Saturday the 29th of January. Knowing how to double knit is a pre-requisite, so I'll be teaching double knitting on the 15th of January.