09 March 2011

Claudia Hand Paint Trunk Show

Well, I forgot to take my camera to the trunk show. Phooey!

It was great to meet Claudia McLean, who is as friendly and vibrant as you would expect a brilliant hand-dye artist to be. And she'll be at STITCHES South, so those of you who missed her today will be able to meet her in another month. The trunk show had lots of good things, including the Flounce Duo from Gwen Bortner's Entrée to Entrelac. One of the ladies in attendance tried it on, and it was surprisingly flattering on the curves of a real woman.

I was well-behaved today, as I bought three skeins of linen last week in preparation for the Shawl the Love contest. Thank goodness the due date is 1 July, because it will be a few weeks before I have time to play with those skeins.

Erin and Claudia put together lovely little goodie bags for those of us who were able to r.s.v.p. Claudia provided four samples of her lovely yarns, and Erin provided a bag, measuring tape, pen, and a coupon for an in-store purchase. There was also a nice selection of munchies, although I couldn't help but notice that the food was mostly untouched. Hard to be interested in food when there is so much beautiful yarn calling your name.

Thank you Claudia and Erin for a lovely event!

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