05 June 2012

Simple Double-Knitting

My reputation for bizarre knitting being what it is, I've been asked by both North Georgia Knitting Guild and Atlanta Knitting Guild to teach a little bit about how to double knit. For NGKG, I'll be teaching a mini-workshop at our Beat the Heat Retreat on Saturday 21 July. AKG was planning on having a program on double-knitting later in the summer, and originally it was going to be during a month when I couldn't attend. But that changed. So on Thursday night, I'll be presenting a program on double-knitting to AKG. This works out fine, as I got my act together and knocked out the project and handout for NGKG.
The NGKG VP of Workshops, Mary, asked me to come up with a knitted soap sack as our double-knitting project. This is a really easy project for double knitting. And it doesn't take a lot of yarn. I used about 12 yards each of two colors of Lily Sugar 'n' Cream, which is a basic kitchen cotton. This would be an easy project to kit up for a guild. The yardage for Lily Sugar 'n' Cream varies based on solid or ombre, but you should be able to get 6-8 mini-skeins (12-15 yards) out of one skein. Each person will need two different colors. So if you buy four skeins -- which is about $10 worth of yarn -- you should be able to make up at least a dozen kits.

The project requires casting on (Judy's Magic Cast-on preferred), working in double-knitting, grafting hem closed (to make casing), and cords. There are a bunch of different ways to make the cords. You could even make the soap sack as a workshop, and then make kumihimo cords as a second workshop.

By the way, I'm purposefully not showing you the plain white side. I experimented with combination knitting on this. Interestingly, my purls ended up my tighter than my knits, so that I got very significant rowing out, and it was much more pronounced on the plain side. The plain yarn also seemed to be every so slightly thicker, so perhaps that contributed to the problem.

If you'd like to try this pattern yourself, you can download it from Ravelry.


Anonymous said...

Rats! I wish I was gong to be there! It should be a great meeting :-) Also, when you visit Kollage, contact me and I will meet you there. Pam

-- Jolie said...

I'll miss you, too! I may or may not make the July meeting, and I'm almost certain to miss both August and September. But October -- I'm not missing Kathy Zimmerman!