03 October 2013

What I Learned at TKGA, Day 2

I took quite a few classes during the weekend. I started out on Thursday morning with Joan Davis' "Measuring Magic with Ease." I didn't know anything about Joan, but quickly discovered she is an energetic teacher. Her class handout is about the size of a softcover book! And Joan even gave us bags and yarn. Thank you to Patons for the yarn donation! Lace Sequins is a pretty yarn with a little fuzz and a little bling.
Swag from Joan Davis' class.
Joan's class covered measuring your body and knitting to fit, but she also covered a lot of material about what will and will not look good on various body types. If we are going to knit or crochet a garment, we should be nice to ourselves and make something in a color and cut that is flattering, and we should adjust it appropriately to fit our figures. No matter what your figure is, you will look better in clothes that fit you properly.

In the afternoon I took Galina Khmeleva's class on "Russian Grafting with a Twist." What a great technique! And who better to learn something Russian from than Galina herself? She also covered some basics of Russian knitting. It was like learning knitting at the knees of a Russian grandmother. While I love modern knitting innovations, it is very grounding sometimes to go back to basics and look closely at traditions. The ways of the Old Country usually persist for a reason. And I was delighted when Galina explained that Russian grafting was originally used as a way to join strips of weaving to make fabric wider than the loom. Remember, my weaving loom is only 24-inches (60cm) wide. So this is a cross-genre technique. Glee!

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