16 August 2015


I believe I am not the only knitter who likes gadgets. There's something charming and appealing about a trinket that makes a task just a bit easier. I am not only a fan of fiber arts, but I am also a big fan of board games and all things geek. Earlier in the summer I attended Awesome Con in Washington, D.C. Not quite Dragon*Con — what is? — but still very nice. The vendor hall was very, very large. And mixed in amongst that merchant horde was CritSuccess.

CritSuccess is a company that makes dice rings. What are dice rings? Dice rings are spinner rings with the spinning part marked off in numbered increments. They can be used in place of regular dice. In fact, one of the advantages of dice rings is they can be manufactured to any number set you desire. Do you need a seven-sider so you can roll days of the week? No problem! Do you need weighted numbers -- a set where some numbers are more likely to come up than others? Again no problem -- some numbers get a larger space than others. And unlike dice, which need space for rolling, a dice ring can be "rolled" right on your finger, without needing any clear space on the crowded table. And since you never let go of it, it is not likely to end up down between the sofa cushions, under a chair, or lost at the bottom of the bowl of Cheetos.

It is not, however, the dice rings that I found appealing. CritSuccess also makes counter rings. What is a counter ring? It is a dice ring that clicks rather than spinning freely. Gamers use them to keep track of game variables, such as hit points or victory points. If you are a knitter or crocheter, you can use these to keep track of rows or rounds, as you would with any other counting device. These rings currently come in black, gold, cobalt blue, and rainbow. As you can see, I recently took my rainbow counter ring out for a test drive on a hat project. Stylish and functional! Good for knitting, and ready for gaming at a moment's notice.

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Laura said...

I never knew these existed...how perfect for lace or a repeating pattern! I had been contemplating something similar, but didn't want to use a conventional one. Not only for fear of losing it, but for the hassle of trying to remember to click it every time I completed a row or section. This would be perfect! :)