04 August 2015

Off Topic -- Marketing?

Sometimes I think I might need a Twitter account just for these sorts of tidbits.

An envelope arrived in our mail, marked as an "invitation" from Harry & David. This is, of course, the retailer known for glorious baskets of perfect fruit (at a price point reflecting the time and care needed to attain that level of perfection), typically given during the end-of-year holidays. I've sometimes wondered what Harry & David does during the off-season between January and September. 

Apparently, they attempt to sell sand to the Saudis . . . or in this case, peaches to people who live in Georgia.


I already have. In fact, I regular patronize two different local farmers' markets, plus I live a mile from three groceries stores and a new Sprouts Market opened in Smyrna. We've had peaches for over a month already. Why would I want to ship in peaches from three time zones away when I can buy directly from the orchard hand-picked tree-ripened peaches grown within an hour's drive of my house?

If any of my readers work for Harry & David, I am deeply curious to hear whether this direct-mail campaign is effective in the Southeast.

Maybe next year they can try to sell me something that doesn't grow here. Tree-ripened first-picked mangoes, anyone?

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