22 March 2013

Fixing Column Pattern

Every now and again, someone on the Ravelry "Knit One Below" board will ask how to fix a mistake in column pattern. Part of the reason there is no easy answer is that fixing mistakes in column pattern is not easy. I would rate this as one of the more difficult tricks a knitter could do. I did, in fact, need to do this four years ago on the socks I entered in the Think Outside the Sox contest. And it took me most of an evening, with many starts and stops. I'd think I had it, turn the work over, and see that I hadn't gotten it right.

So, for all of you who really, really need to see this, here it is. Here is how to drop a wale and pick it back up in column pattern.

And while I have not exhaustively explored it, I do believe you can put lifelines in at least some brioche patterns. As much as you will love a lifeline in lace, you will love it even more in brioche.


Betty said...

Yes, I heartily endorse a lifeline in brioche as a serenity saver! My current social project is brioche and I move the lifeline up every inch or two.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful video; thank you!! Pam